Euromex Oxion FluoLed, Plan Fluorite OX.3237

Product Details:
Laboratory Fluorescence Microscope
Trinocular Viewing Head
High Resolution Plan Fluorite Objectives
LED Fluorescence 455nm
Magnifications 40x, 100x , 400x and 1000x

3 Year Warranty

Product Description

Specifically designed for the Biomedical Sciences field, the Oxion microscope has been developed to cover basic research through to the most demanding applications.

Viewing Head:
Siedentopf Binocular head with ergonomic 30°inclined swiveling tubes with upper and lower position. Adjustable interocular distance from 50 to 73 mm. Vertical photo tube with 80/20 split.
Eyepieces: Paired DIN KHWF 10x/22 eyepieces, suitable for spectacle wearers. Both eyepieces are equipped with diopter adjustment.
Stand:Focusing coaxial coarse – and fine adjustments with graduation scale. Adjustable slide protection and adjustable tension for coarse adjustment control.
Objective Changer: Quintuple, smooth roller bearings with positive registration.
Objectives:Infinity corrected Plan Fluorite objectives 4x N.A. 0.13, 10x N.A. 0.30, S40x N.A. 0.75 and S100x N.A. 1.28 oil. The S40x and S100s objective are spring-mounted
Stage: Mechanical flat-top 150 x 140 mm, smooth ball-bearing movement with 76 x 50 mm X and Y-translation, 0.1 mm scale, pendant coaxial controls and detachable specimen holder. Condenser: Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm, rack & pinion focusing.
Illumination: FluoLed module a single filter cube 455 nm LED source for fast detection of small pathogens. Transmitted 3 Watt LED adjustable Köhler illumination with field diaphragm and built-in power supply for 85-240 Volt operation

Complete with dustcover, packed in Styrofoam case.

Weight: Approximately 12kg
Height: 45.4cm
Footprint: 18.5 x 29.4cm

Price: £5325.00 + VAT

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Oxion Popular Accessories:
AE.3215 HWF 15x/13 eyepiece £ 66.00 + VAT
AE.3223 HWF 10X eyepiece with Micrometer £ 86.00 + VAT
AE.1110 Stage Micrometer 1 mm/ 100 parts £ 32.00 + VAT

AE.3108 Infinity Plan achromatic objective 20x for Oxion £ 105.00 + VAT
AE.3112 Infinity Plan achromatic objective S60x for Oxion £160.00 + VAT

AE.5056 Oxion Photo Adapter 1x for ½” Chip Camera £95.00 + VAT
AE.5057 Oxion Photo Adapter 0.5x for ½” Chip Camera £95.00 + VAT
AE.5056 Oxion Photo Adapter 0.33x for 1/3” Chip Camera £95.00 + VAT

Digital Cameras for this microscope