Euromex Nexius Stereo Zoom Microscope NZ.1903-P-ESD

Product Details:
Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Pole Stand
Magnification Range 6.7x to 45x
Variable LED Incident and Transmitted Illumination

3 Year Warranty

Product Description

The Euromex Nexius Zoom stereo microscopes are developed for industrial purposes, scientific research and education; they have excellent optical and mechanical properties and are extremely competitively priced. Antistatic (ESD) version

Greenough Stereo Microscope System:
Viewing Head: Trinocular 45° inclined tubes and 360° rotatable, Diopter adjustment on both eye tubes, Adjustable interocular distance from 55 and 75 mm,
Phototube: Simultaneous stereo vision while the camera is active (camera not included).
Eyepieces: Paired wide field eyepieces WF10x/22 with eyeshades.
Objectives: 0.67x to 4.5x zoom objective, zoom ratio 1:6.7, magnification range 6.7 to 45x and a field of view from 33 to 4.9 mm. Working distance 110 mm. Other magnifications and working distances can be achieved with optional wide field eyepieces WF 15x or WF 20x and additional auxiliary lenses 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2x.
Stand: Flat alloy metal base with hardened off-white lacquer, Chrome plated pillar 245 mm, 32 mm diameter, transparent glass object plate and two object clamps.
Illumination: Independently variable 3w LED incident and transmitted. No more bulbs to find or buy!

Supplied complete with dust cover.

Weight: 5Kg
26 x 31cm

Price: £730.00 + VAT

Datasheet NexiusZoom  PDF Icon small

Nexius Zoom Popular Accessories:

NZ.6015 Pair HWF 15x/16 mm eyepieces for NexiusZoom £125.00 + VAT
NZ.6020 Pair HWF 20x/12 mm eyepieces for NexiusZoom £125.00 + VAT
NZ.6110 HWF 10x/22 mm eyepiece with Micrometer £ 85 + VAT
AE.1110 Stage Micrometer 1 mm/ 100 parts £ 31.00 + VAT
AE.1112 Object Micrometer 50 mm/ 500 parts £ 95.00 + VAT

NZ.8907 Auxiliary 0,75x lens Working distance 125 mm £ 85.00 + VAT
NZ.8915 Auxiliary 1,5x lens Working distance 50 mm £ 85.00 + VAT
NZ.8950 Protection glass window /Sputter Guard £ 14.00 + VAT

NZ.9850 C-mount adapter with 0,5x lens* for Digital Camera £ 110.00 + VAT
* For trinocular models only.

Digital Cameras for this microscope