BioBlue Microscope BB.4245

Product Details:
Monocular Bright field Microscope
System Magnifications, 40x, 100x, 400x and 600x
LED Illumination
Built-in 1.3 Mpixel Digital Camera

Product Description

The BioBlue microscope is used for teaching biology/biomedical science in universities and by veterinarian practices.

Viewing Head: 360°rotatable Monocular head with ergonomic 45° incline with built-in digital Camera 1.3 Mpixel ½ inch CMOS Colour USB2 camera @ 1280x 1024 pixels.
Eyepieces: DIN WF 10x/18 eyepieces.
Stand: Focusing coaxial coarse – and fine adjustments with graduation scale. Adjustable slide protection and adjustable tension for coarse adjustment control.
Objective Changer: Quadruple; smooth roller bearings with positive registration.
Objectives:160mm Semi Plan Achromatic objectives 4x N.A. 0.10, 10x N.A. 0.25, S40x N.A. 0.65 and 60x N.A. 0.85. The S40x and S60x objectives are spring-mounted.
Stage: Large mechanical stage, 130 x 130 mm, ball-bearing mechanism, with X and Y adjustment 70 x 28 mm. Double nonius, readable in 0.1 mm. Detachable slide holder.
Condenser: Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25, heliacal condenser focusing, iris diaphragm and filter holder, supplied with neutral filter.
Illumination: Adjustable built-in 1 watt LED illumination with 3NiMH AA type batteries for cordless operation. No more bulbs to find or buy!

Complete with dustcover, packed in Styrofoam case.

Weight: Approximately 2.6kg
Height: 34cm
Footprint: 22 x 15cm

Price: £510.00 + VAT

Euromex BioBlue Datasheet  PDF Icon small

BioBlue Popular Accessories:
AE.5594 Semi plan objective 20x N.A. 0.10 for BioBlue. £ 48.00 + VAT
AE.5599 Semi plan objective 60x N.A. 0.10 for BioBlue. £ 55.00 + VAT
AE.5601 Semi plan objective 100x N.A. 0.10 for BioBlue.£ 62.00 + VAT

AE.5575 Eyepiece WF10x with Micrometer 10mm in 100 Parts. £ 18.00 + VAT
AE.1110 Stage Micrometer 1 mm/ 100 parts. £ 28.00 + VAT
AE.5582 Wide field eyepiece WF20x/11.5. £ 29.00 + VAT

SL.5501 LED replacement unit BioBlue. £ 9.00 + VAT